Review of travel clothing for men

Anyone who’s ever traveled away from the homestead knows that clothing picks can make or break any trip. The issue is always the same: being equipped to handle any weather and style-intensive social events while staying unburdened by your luggage.

If you don’t feel like your current set of clothing can provide this, perhaps it’s time to go out and buy some new pieces. Men’s travel clothing isn’t hard to come by, but finding garments that will serve you for a long while and are useable in many different situations might be tough. Here’s an overview of some great travel clothing choices for men that shouldn’t make too big of a dent in your pocket.

Travel Clothing For Men

mens-travel-clothing-200Shirts: No matter the kind of travel you’re doing, you’ll definitely want to pack a couple of nice shirts with both long and short sleeves. Shirt choices are the easiest to make, although the variety can give you a headache in no time. Those liking colorful designs should definitely consider Patagonia’s Go-To as their short-sleeved shirt of choice – its Hawaiian-esque design makes it ideal for sunny weather and the multiple patterns to choose from let the model cater to a wide array of people, although it probably won’t be your go-to choice for more serious social events. As for long sleeves, ExOfficio’s Air Strip does a good job of reinventing our perception of plaid – its patterns are more attractive than those found on most plaid shirts and there’s a dozen or so color schemes to choose from, each almost able to pass as its own model altogether.

Jackets: If you’re afraid of rain, there’s a good chance you fear having to make clothing compromises more than getting wet. Thankfully, we no longer have to dress poorly every time we’re bracing ourselves for rain. Take this Columbia Downpour jacket, for example: for no more than $100, you’ll get an awesome raincoat that can just as proudly be worn during less-harsh weather. If you’re really looking for style, though, consider something like this $200 Highlands Trench Raincoat that will make you want to suit up even when it’s scorching hot outside.

Pants/trousers: Like with shirts, it pays to have a few pairs of good pants with varying degrees of thickness on every journey. If you’re going to a place that’s a bit on the wilder side, consider ExOfficio’s BugsAway Ziwa convertibles – while not the best-looking trousers out there, the Ziwa will save bag space while offering tremendous protection from insects and similar leg assailants that can ruin your trekking adventure. Besides, when you’re in a more-hospitable environment, you can always take the ‘sleeves’ off and enjoy the breeze. If you’re unwilling to sacrifice appearance, ExOfficio’s No Borders pants feature a great fit and the same insect protection that Ziwa provides – best of all, they don’t look like utility-first trousers and can be worn virtually anywhere. Sure, the lack of color choices isn’t all that – one can only pull off beige so many times, after all – but the mosquito shield and low price should make these a mainstay in every travel bag.