Great outdoor work clothing for women

Contrary to what some might think, plenty of women enjoy doing outdoor work as a hobby or a profession – from gardening to repairs and even some milder forms of construction, women aren’t hesitant to get down and dirty with as much enthusiasm as men.

As you might imagine, however, every job needs its tools, and every physical task should be accompanied by the appropriate gear. If you’re a woman with a penchant for working with her hands in the great outdoors (or know one with such inclinations), here’s an overview of some outdoor work clothing that will not only provide protection and comfort but also potentially make a fashion statement.

womens glovesGloves: The ideal gloves for the working woman vary based on the type of task being done most often – some are harder and more protective while others are softer and better-suited for lighter jobs. For tough gardening efforts, consider a pair like these Kinco Women’s Gloves – aside from looking quite stylish with their rose motif, they also provide impressive protection not just for the hands but for the forearms as well. Kinco’s Cowhide Gloves are another great choice for rougher tasks: they grant you a surprising amount of finger mobility while shielding your hands from most forms of damage. Keep in mind, though, that a cow or two went into the production of these.

Bibs/overalls: Quite a few women who spend a lot of time working outdoors try to avoid this type of clothing for one simple reason: it’s not the nicest to look at. With that said, there are some models of work wear that can have you feeling fashionable while still providing appropriate protection from dirt, the elements and everything else that makes the lives of outdoor work women more difficult. Here’s an example of bibs that, while not the most attractive piece of clothing out there, are inexpensive and tailored to fit a woman’s body without compromising on protection in any way. If you’d like to look even better while working hard, check out these Rocky overalls – they not only accentuate the female body but also feature an appealing pattern that is sure to make you stand out from the average worker.

Jacket: Depending on the conditions of your place of outdoor work, you’ll probably want to complement your overalls with a nice jacket that will help keep the elements at bay and shield you from minor perils related to the work you’re doing. Fortunately, even women’s work jackets are made with fashion and style in mind and you should have no trouble finding one that won’t force you to count seconds before taking it off. For sleeveless protection, consider this Carhartt vest that comes in multiple colors and features a hood for rainy days. If you’re working in some rough weather, this hooded jacket will give you ample upper body protection without burdening you with its design or weight for a little over $100 – it’s not the cheapest, but it’ll let you look good while performing strenuous physical tasks without failing to insulate you from wind or rain.