3 great hiking garments for women

Don’t underestimate the toll that hiking can take on a body: every additional mile will put your muscles and conditioning to the test, so you’ll want to be as well-equipped as possible before trekking out far and wide.

Sure, hiking equipment isn’t all that hard to come by – most would say you don’t need much more than solid boots and weather-appropriate clothing to hike all day and night. Yet others would argue that it pays to pick the right garment before venturing out: if nothing, you’ll probably meet a good few people along the way, and they do say that first appearances mean a lot.

If you’d like to look good the next time you conquer that trail, here are 3 great hiking garments for women and what each of them can offer you.

womens hiking vest

Ibex Outdoor Clothing Women’s Shak Vest: Not all women are keen on vests even when needing all the clothing utility they can get – these garments can often feel clunky while making you question their usefulness. Fortunately, Ibex’s Shak Vest is an exception: made entirely from wool, the Shak Vest promises to keep you warm during every type of bad weather while also providing plenty of ventilation should things get hotter. As far as vests go, you can’t go much better for around $100, although the lack of pockets might be an issue for some.

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Straight Chuter Jacket: The first thing that everyone will probably notice about this jacket is how good it looks for something that’s essentially hiking gear – clearly tailored to a woman’s physique, the Chuter Jacket will make you feel ladylike even as you’re walking against powerful winds or are trying to ignore the pouring rain. Indeed, great insulation is what this jacket is all about – unless you’re hiking in some truly scary areas, you probably won’t even feel the wind, rain or snow on your body, as the Chuter will brush them off and ask for more. The jacket’s material is also notably durable, resisting cuts and tears like one would expect from proper hiking gear – if you manage to pierce this garment, you’ll have bigger concerns than torn clothing. Yet for all its perks, the Chuter is not without its downsides: it’s notably heavy and therefore might not be suited for smaller women. It also costs quite a bit – $350-$450 for a hiking jacket is certainly a lot even for a premium model such as this.

Bergans of Norway – Visbretind: Heck, if anyone knows about hiking, it must be the Scandinavians, right? ‘Visbretind’ is another attractive women’s hiking garment that offers an eye-pleasing color scheme, a tight fit and some nice features to boot. Since it’s not a full-fledged jacket like the Chuter, you shouldn’t have issues with excess sweating when you ramp up the intensity or the weather gets unpredictable. Despite its small size, the wind protection is impressive, especially for the relatively low price of a little over $100. Visbretind’s drawbacks include the lack of a hood which renders you exposed to the elements a fair bit more and the inability to protect you from really harsh weather.