Review of travel clothing for men

Anyone who’s ever traveled away from the homestead knows that clothing picks can make or break any trip. The issue is always the same: being equipped to handle any weather and style-intensive social events while staying unburdened by your luggage.

If you don’t feel like your current set of clothing can provide this, perhaps it’s time to go out and buy some new pieces. Men’s travel clothing isn’t hard to come by, but finding garments that will serve you for a long while and are useable in many different situations might be tough. Here’s an overview of some great travel clothing choices for men that shouldn’t make too big of a dent in your pocket.

Travel Clothing For Men

mens-travel-clothing-200Shirts: No matter the kind of travel you’re doing, you’ll definitely want to pack a couple of nice shirts with both long and short sleeves. Shirt choices are the easiest to make, although the variety can give you a headache in no time. Those liking colorful designs should definitely consider Patagonia’s Go-To as their short-sleeved shirt of choice – its Hawaiian-esque design makes it ideal for sunny weather and the multiple patterns to choose from let the model cater to a wide array of people, although it probably won’t be your go-to choice for more serious social events. As for long sleeves, ExOfficio’s Air Strip does a good job of reinventing our perception of plaid – its patterns are more attractive than those found on most plaid shirts and there’s a dozen or so color schemes to choose from, each almost able to pass as its own model altogether.

Jackets: If you’re afraid of rain, there’s a good chance you fear having to make clothing compromises more than getting wet. Thankfully, we no longer have to dress poorly every time we’re bracing ourselves for rain. Take this Columbia Downpour jacket, for example: for no more than $100, you’ll get an awesome raincoat that can just as proudly be worn during less-harsh weather. If you’re really looking for style, though, consider something like this $200 Highlands Trench Raincoat that will make you want to suit up even when it’s scorching hot outside.

Pants/trousers: Like with shirts, it pays to have a few pairs of good pants with varying degrees of thickness on every journey. If you’re going to a place that’s a bit on the wilder side, consider ExOfficio’s BugsAway Ziwa convertibles – while not the best-looking trousers out there, the Ziwa will save bag space while offering tremendous protection from insects and similar leg assailants that can ruin your trekking adventure. Besides, when you’re in a more-hospitable environment, you can always take the ‘sleeves’ off and enjoy the breeze. If you’re unwilling to sacrifice appearance, ExOfficio’s No Borders pants feature a great fit and the same insect protection that Ziwa provides – best of all, they don’t look like utility-first trousers and can be worn virtually anywhere. Sure, the lack of color choices isn’t all that – one can only pull off beige so many times, after all – but the mosquito shield and low price should make these a mainstay in every travel bag.


Great outdoor work clothing for women

Contrary to what some might think, plenty of women enjoy doing outdoor work as a hobby or a profession – from gardening to repairs and even some milder forms of construction, women aren’t hesitant to get down and dirty with as much enthusiasm as men.

As you might imagine, however, every job needs its tools, and every physical task should be accompanied by the appropriate gear. If you’re a woman with a penchant for working with her hands in the great outdoors (or know one with such inclinations), here’s an overview of some outdoor work clothing that will not only provide protection and comfort but also potentially make a fashion statement.

womens glovesGloves: The ideal gloves for the working woman vary based on the type of task being done most often – some are harder and more protective while others are softer and better-suited for lighter jobs. For tough gardening efforts, consider a pair like these Kinco Women’s Gloves – aside from looking quite stylish with their rose motif, they also provide impressive protection not just for the hands but for the forearms as well. Kinco’s Cowhide Gloves are another great choice for rougher tasks: they grant you a surprising amount of finger mobility while shielding your hands from most forms of damage. Keep in mind, though, that a cow or two went into the production of these.

Bibs/overalls: Quite a few women who spend a lot of time working outdoors try to avoid this type of clothing for one simple reason: it’s not the nicest to look at. With that said, there are some models of work wear that can have you feeling fashionable while still providing appropriate protection from dirt, the elements and everything else that makes the lives of outdoor work women more difficult. Here’s an example of bibs that, while not the most attractive piece of clothing out there, are inexpensive and tailored to fit a woman’s body without compromising on protection in any way. If you’d like to look even better while working hard, check out these Rocky overalls – they not only accentuate the female body but also feature an appealing pattern that is sure to make you stand out from the average worker.

Jacket: Depending on the conditions of your place of outdoor work, you’ll probably want to complement your overalls with a nice jacket that will help keep the elements at bay and shield you from minor perils related to the work you’re doing. Fortunately, even women’s work jackets are made with fashion and style in mind and you should have no trouble finding one that won’t force you to count seconds before taking it off. For sleeveless protection, consider this Carhartt vest that comes in multiple colors and features a hood for rainy days. If you’re working in some rough weather, this hooded jacket will give you ample upper body protection without burdening you with its design or weight for a little over $100 – it’s not the cheapest, but it’ll let you look good while performing strenuous physical tasks without failing to insulate you from wind or rain.

How to market your clothing business online

These days, clothing businesses can seem a dime a dozen – everyone’s trying to hook you up with some nice attires, or so they claim. With so many clothing businesses running around, is opening up another one a good idea?

Yes and no. To succeed with your clothing business, you’ll have to apply the usual business savvy: working inside a niche, recognizing demand and so forth. But perhaps even more importantly, you’ll have to become a master at what some love, others hate, and not many fully understand: marketing.

Marketing your clothes store: the basics

To market your clothing business online with good results, you’ll need to come up with a viable strategy. No, we don’t mean shoving your articles in other people’s faces – these days, that’ll get you blacklisted more than anything else. Marketing is moving away from spammy efforts and towards advertising with more sense and substance.

Therefore, before starting a campaign, make sure you have something good to offer (or can at least appear to). For example, you can run a 50% discount on one or more clothing lines you sell and run an appropriately-themed marketing campaign – not only will you make some sales both on and off-discount, but you’ll also put your brand out there.

Another way to market your clothes store online is to let people know you’re selling clothing that’s not as easy to get in the area you live in – this works especially well for smaller cities and towns that usually have store monopolies. If you can get people believing you have exclusive or hard-to-find items, they’ll flock to your doorstep – you can spread the word through guest posts, Facebook, Twitter or any other way of communicating with the masses.

Clothes stores can make particularly good use of Google ads – the cost-per-click isn’t nearly as high as it is for some other businesses, and every click can pay itself off many times over if your goods are good enough. Before getting into Google ads, make sure you’ve got your niche down and are familiar with what clothes buyers are searching for.

Getting help from the professionals

Trying to market your business by your lonesome can feel overwhelming, and there’s nothing shameful about that – after all, many consider marketing a true science.

If you’d like to get a little help, consider working with an established SEO company that can help you become a sales force. Here, picking the right people can skyrocket your sales in a matter of months or even weeks – SEO companies will get you better search engine placement and more followers as well as letting you deal with the competition more easily.

Of course, nothing is free, and SEO experts can ask for a pretty penny in order to get to work – before contracting a SEO company to market your clothing business online, they should be clear on what they can do for you and the amount of time it might take instead of giving you approximations and telling you that SEO isn’t an exact science.


3 great hiking garments for women

Don’t underestimate the toll that hiking can take on a body: every additional mile will put your muscles and conditioning to the test, so you’ll want to be as well-equipped as possible before trekking out far and wide.

Sure, hiking equipment isn’t all that hard to come by – most would say you don’t need much more than solid boots and weather-appropriate clothing to hike all day and night. Yet others would argue that it pays to pick the right garment before venturing out: if nothing, you’ll probably meet a good few people along the way, and they do say that first appearances mean a lot.

If you’d like to look good the next time you conquer that trail, here are 3 great hiking garments for women and what each of them can offer you.

womens hiking vest

Ibex Outdoor Clothing Women’s Shak Vest: Not all women are keen on vests even when needing all the clothing utility they can get – these garments can often feel clunky while making you question their usefulness. Fortunately, Ibex’s Shak Vest is an exception: made entirely from wool, the Shak Vest promises to keep you warm during every type of bad weather while also providing plenty of ventilation should things get hotter. As far as vests go, you can’t go much better for around $100, although the lack of pockets might be an issue for some.

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Straight Chuter Jacket: The first thing that everyone will probably notice about this jacket is how good it looks for something that’s essentially hiking gear – clearly tailored to a woman’s physique, the Chuter Jacket will make you feel ladylike even as you’re walking against powerful winds or are trying to ignore the pouring rain. Indeed, great insulation is what this jacket is all about – unless you’re hiking in some truly scary areas, you probably won’t even feel the wind, rain or snow on your body, as the Chuter will brush them off and ask for more. The jacket’s material is also notably durable, resisting cuts and tears like one would expect from proper hiking gear – if you manage to pierce this garment, you’ll have bigger concerns than torn clothing. Yet for all its perks, the Chuter is not without its downsides: it’s notably heavy and therefore might not be suited for smaller women. It also costs quite a bit – $350-$450 for a hiking jacket is certainly a lot even for a premium model such as this.

Bergans of Norway – Visbretind: Heck, if anyone knows about hiking, it must be the Scandinavians, right? ‘Visbretind’ is another attractive women’s hiking garment that offers an eye-pleasing color scheme, a tight fit and some nice features to boot. Since it’s not a full-fledged jacket like the Chuter, you shouldn’t have issues with excess sweating when you ramp up the intensity or the weather gets unpredictable. Despite its small size, the wind protection is impressive, especially for the relatively low price of a little over $100. Visbretind’s drawbacks include the lack of a hood which renders you exposed to the elements a fair bit more and the inability to protect you from really harsh weather.